To the man who married my best friend

Recently my best friend got hitched. Now my best friend has a new best friend and I am not even mad.

Dear Sagar,

Congratulations! You’ve just married my most precious, although a questionable kinda funny, atypically caring human that has a baby face and a hyena like laughter. Yes, I’m talking about the one of a kind beautiful bundle of hot mess you just wifed.

Welcome to the madness!

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Now that you’ve tied the knot, there are a few things you might need to consider.

  •  You’ve married a 26-year-old who can/will make a joke out of anything and will immediately laugh at her own wit. Then she will demand to be laughed at, quite adamantly. If not the joke, this would definitely make you smile (secretly adoring the 4-year-old in her). Sagar, please make sure that the child in her is taken care of.
Picture courtesy: Artnest photography
  • I wish you embrace her mess, pick her broken pieces. Her flaws make her beautiful, support them- not just materialistically but emotionally. Encourage her, love her even more when she is least lovable. Grab some tissues, a tub full of ice cream, wrap her up in a blanket and hold her tight in those times. She will cry, she will open up.

Also because, she is a human version of a teddy bear, your wife.

  •  As difficult as it is to let go, and to realize that she is finding a new best friend in you, I want you to know that there may be times when you don’t understand or relate to a few things she goes through. At such times, she will look out for me. Not because she loves you any less, but because there are certain things only a best friend can heal. Be ready for some odd hours to and fro calls. This is our deal for life. Sorry, not sorry. 
Picture courtesy: Artnest photography
  •  Apart from gaining expertise at mood swings, she will sleep off in road trips, dance dementedly when her jam plays, eat like there’s no tomorrow, jump and run around the house like a kid, have sweet tooth cravings at odd hours or will just magically transform into a panda and sleep all day. I can’t wait for you to discover many such little things with each passing day. I wish you all the luck, strength and energy to face them. 

Enough heads-up for now? I guess so. But hey, this is about a girl we both are in love with.

And because I want YOU to be the first person she comes to when something significant happens to her. Because it is you, I am okay being the second. 

Further, I promise I’ve got you covered if you need gift ideas, when you are clueless why she is mad at you (9/10 times I’ll know why) or just anything she does to drive you crazy. I’ve got your back. 

Dear Sagar, you be with her. Fight, apologize, forgive. Pull her cheeks. Dance with her. Laugh at her lame jokes. Give her giant hugs. Empower her. Be her wall. Love her. 

Wish you a lifetime of adventure,
Your best friend-in-law.

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