The bachelorette trip to Krabi, Thailand: Things to know and do.

Okay. A million queries, doubts, procrastinations and crisis later, it was decided: We are going to Krabi!

Why? Oh well..

To celebrate the last days of singlehood of the best friend, a bachelorette it is!


  1. A bride-to-be: We have one here. She is a darling. I think I like her. I could squish her to bits.

  2. The best friends:

  3. A plan: Or no plan whatsoever.


I brainstormed a lot and came up with this kickass plan (of having no plans). You understand? Basically, I decided upon a no-itinerary trip to Krabi. The idea was to do as the heart says, go where the mind leads. This cannot be a touristy trip…AT ALL!

But hey, don’t you worry. I got you covered with the ticket/hotel booking details and budget later in the post.

So what exactly happened in the trip?

After a tedious 32 hours of airport hopping, we landed in Krabi. What a bright sunny day it was! Very conveniently, we got a shared minivan outside the airport, to drop us at our hostel at 100 Baht each. Not a bad deal at all.

Mini Boxtel, Ao Nang is where we had our abode for the next 5 days and it was a good 45 minutes ride from Krabi International Airport.

Tip: Guys, if you’re travelling to Krabi, then Ao-Nang is your place to be. All the good stuff is in there, trust me!

Coming back to Mini boxtel, it is an all-girls hostel with a box like bedding dorm. How cute! It has a pretty little café called “Lion and shark” which is open to all, men and women.

We liked our tea here!
Chill out AF!

Oh boy, we were tired. The beds were too homey to ignore and so we rested. All day! We woke up to a breezy evening and decided to walk around the beautiful streets we saw from our windows.

As it was a NO-ITINERARY trip, I’ll list out the things to do and things we randomly did in these 5 days:

  1. Island hopping: Much of the province in Krabi has been given over to several national parks. Top destinations are Hat Noppharat Thara – Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park, Ao Nang and Ko Phi Phi. Day tours through Long tail boats and speed boats are available at Ao-Nang in order to explore the islands. The islands look no less than a dream. Look for yourself!

    Tip: There are many boat services around Ao nang and so we walked into one of those to book a Day-tour to these islnads. No hassle at all. They got you covered from Pick up- Island hopping- lunch- snorkelling – Drop.

  2. Railay Beach: Located just south of Ao Nang Beach, around a rocky headland and accessible only by boat, Railay has another world of its own. There is everything you could ask for. Stunning white sand beaches, soaring limestone cliffs, viewpoints, caves and a lagoon hidden inside the cliffs. And oh! There are no roads here, only footpaths. No buses or cars, just long tail boats. Thinking about an escapade already? You can just walk around the island, hit the tiny cafes and bars or just sit and watch the stunning tropical sunset framed by limestone cliffs. It was my personal favourite!

  3. The streets and nightlife of Ao-Nang– Ao Nang may has to be the prime location in Krabi Province but it has got the calmness and madness mixed in the perfect amount. It also might not be as maddening as the night life in Bangkok or Pattaya but if a mid-range, mellow groove is your thing, then welcome to the haven. Few places to look out for is Boogie bar, Ao nang center point, SOI RCA entertainment and so many more, just walk around to discover your favourite.

    Tip: You ask me, Roots Rock Reggae Bar is my ultimate pick.

  4. Thai massage, yes please- After all day at the beach, your sore muscles will thank you for this. And it’s affordable, so much that you can get one we did. 200 Baht for a full body massage, just take my money already!

  5. Indulge in a Eat-n-shop spree– Ultimate food joints and street shopping in Ao- Nang is something you cannot resist. Also, Indian restaurants are in abundance. No worries if your taste buds don’t match the local cuisine. Tiny shops all around the streets have got the sassiest, most chick stuff you can get at an unbelievable prices. If not for surreal beaches, I would totally go back to Thailand just to buy things. *Tears of happiness roll down*

Okay, so there are many things in Krabi that we gave a miss with no regret. We took time, picked our fondest places, experienced the place entirely on foot and made ourselves feel entirely home.

We had our return flight to India from Bangkok. 2 days in this sparkling and dynamic city, we had to make the most of it.

We had booked a 3 beds private room at a pretty little hostel called Meetup hostel.

There are thousands of definite guides to explore Bangkok on the internet and so I’ll give it a miss. Instead, I’ll jot down our 3 most favourite experiences in the city.

  1. Going touristy around the city in the signature Tuk-Tuk. Affordable, fun and plentiful.

  2. Clubbing, because it holds legendary status here. We dedicated an entire evening to Route66, RCA. BEST DECISION EVER! The massive club high spiritedly caters all music tastes. It has a Hip hop zone, dance pop and R n B zone, an area dedicated to accomplished band performances, a trance and electronic music zone, all under one roof. Just pick your thing and get grooving. The entry is 300 baht for foreigners, but this can be redeemed for drinks once inside. Win-win!
    Note: I don’t remember why I don’t have pictures from the night.

  3. Shop till you drop. Literally! Shopping is an ultimate experience in Bangkok. Out of a million choices, we picked the Pratunam Market to indulge in the experience, the local way. What followed next was unimaginable purchasing at unbelievable prices, exhausted bodies, restless mind wanting for more and an immensely satisfied soul. Girls, you know! Phew.Note: We have no pictures because our hands were full with shopping bags.

And so…this is how trip turned out to be. You know it all.

We had our own set of tribulations throughout like misspelling names in the air tickets, re-booking the tickets the last moment, losing one ATM card, almost missing the flight because we fell asleep in front of the Boarding gate, meeting some very strange people and so much more. I believe it gave us stories with tasteful twists, making the whole experience a perfect concoction of unwinding adventure. We are soooo going to talk about it… for years.

To one helluva bachelorette, cheers!




Booking snippets:

Flight booking:

      1. Indigo Airlines: Bangalore-Kolkata-Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport). Round trip expense: Rs. 15000/- approx.
        • Free shuttle bus service is provided for passengers that runs from both the airports.
      2. Air Asia: Bangkok (Don Muang Airport)- Krabi (Krabi International Airport). Round trip expense: Rs. 3500/- approx.

Hostel Booking (via

      1. Mini Boxtel Ao-Nang, Krabi:  3 dorm beds, 4 nights. Breakfast included. Total price: THB 4200.
      2. Meetup Hostel, Bangkok: Triple room with shared bathroom. 2 nights. Breakfast included. Total price: THB 2400

Visa on arrival: All the details can be found here.

If you need further details on planning a trip to Krabi, feel free to contact me. Happy to help.


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