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One month in Varanasi. Done!

Revelation: One month and I haven’t stepped into any of the overrated cafés or restaurants here.
Ask why?
Because it’s all on the streets.
Varanasi is undoubtedly one of the most pocket friendly, street culinary genius, I’ve ever been in. Authentic, affordable and amazing food served with so much love, what else do I need?
Oh well, some time and appetite. That’s it!

Here is a tiny video of my food experience in the streets of Varanasi. Hope you like it. 

So when you’re in Varanasi, you HAVE  TO eat just as the Banarasis do. Here’s a list of my favorites from the Holy Land.

1. Kullad Chai: My love for tea knows no bounds, the world knows. And guess what, I’ve tasted the masala chai served in kullad in several local shops in Varanasi and not one shop disappointed me. It’s almost like people in this city are tea-artists. Very taste-tea!

2. ‎Malaiyo: Varanasi’s very own secret, a winter delight and melt-in-your-mouth delicacy is Malaiyo. Flavoured milk froth served with pistachios, almonds in a kullad. Once you’re done,  they serve some saffron and cardamom flavoured cold milk as well. You’re never going to forget this. Trust me!

3. Kachori-Sabzi-Jalebi: And that has to be the official breakfast of Varanasi. Every morning it’s an absolute delight to watch the local shops flocked with tourists and locals to get their morning dose of Kachori-Sabzi and Jalebi.

4. ‎Malaai Toast: Fresh Malaai topped with sugar, placed between toasted buns is the simplest, tastiest kind of burger you’ll ever have. A desi burger that melts in your mouth. *Eyes turned into hearts* situation.

5. ‎Malaai: Varanasi survives on dairy and this, you must realise why. Just like this one, a humble serving of fresh Malaai, topped with sugar and served in a kullad. And yes, they insist of having tea in the same kullad after you finish the Malaai. You have to taste it to know why!

6. ‎Chaat: People in Varanasi love their chaat and there is no compromise here. Kashi chat bhandar, of course is the best one that lives upto that expectation and how! Tomato chaat here is love. So is samosa chat, papdi chat, pani puri and every other thing on their menu!

7. ‎Lassi: Banarasi lassi is generously served with rabdi, pistachios, Malaai and is served in a Kullad.  There are other other varieties that adds fruits and flavours to the regular lassi.

Note: The Blue lassi shop is quite a winner for this kind. They also have Bhaang lassi for Rs. 350 that you need to specifically mention while placing the order. 

8. Thandai: I secretly like Thandai more than Lassi. And if you’re in Varanasi and haven’t tried their special Thandai, then you’re missing out a big chunk of all things delicious filled in a glass.

9. ‎Paan: Oh, the ever so famous Banarasi Paan. The meetha one grated with Gulkand, dry dates, flavours, coconut and rolled into betel leaves. Delicious!

10. ‎Baati Chokha: If you’re looking for something authentic, healthy, filling and mouth watering, Baati Chokha has to be your rescue plan.

11. Samosa-chola and Launglata: Thoughtful combinations in food are the best kind in the world. Samosa is a national favourite in India but I found another delight to go with it. Launglata is a sweet, absolutely a favourite in Varanasi. Served alongside Samosa-chola, this genius  combo has to be a winner.

I hope this helps you prioritizing your food trail in the city. Because if not for anything else, I am definitely going back to Varanasi just for it’s food. You must too. 

2 thoughts on “The Varanasi Street Food Blog

  1. Hii Ipsa,
    right now i am in Varanasi staying in zostel from last 2-3 days….enjoying all the delicacies and the food that you’ve mentioned here….m just loving it…..actually i was inspired by your blog and added this city to my bucket list…i am back from my trip to Nepal & was taking my time to get relaxed while down journey but the summers are extremely hot here…..thanx to zostel Ac rooms.I guess 2-3days are not enough to explore this city….there is much more than just temples and ghats that one has to find out! Also…summers is definitely not the time one should visit to Banaras….surely gonna come back to this city again in winters….thanks for this informative blog because of which i wanted to visit Varanasi!!! Out of above dishes my favourite is thandai and bhang lassi…😄😊😆

    1. I am so glad that you found my blog helpful while planning your Varanasi trip. Thank you for this, makes me really happy! 🙂

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