Things I did in Gokarna

The one dedicated to the love for sea!

You know that one thing which the sea and the mountains share in common?

They always call you back. And when they do, you obey. YOU. MUST. GO.

So one fine Friday morning, I was restlessly looking out for tickets to the nearest, most secluded and ever so beautiful beaches in the Arabian coast. Thats when Gokarna was picked and my plan was sorted.

To reach the quaint little town of Gokarna, I booked a NON AC Sleeper bus from Mysore via  that had convenient timings.

Shree Kumar Travels: NON-A.C Sleeper, Boarding: 9.45 p.m , Arrival: 7.30 a.m.  Also, I booked the same bus for my return on Sunday night. PERFECT!

Oh yes! Before I begin, this you must know. This is not an itinerary for a 2-days trip to Gokarna. Rather this only includes an account of how I experienced and lived Gokarna, the laid back way, the turn-on-tune-in-drop-out way.

Warning: I did not do all the “things to do when in Gokarna”. I just did what I wished to, in the moment, all in my own pace.

7.30 am: The first thing I do is hire an auto from the bus stand till Zostel (Ah well! 100 bucks for 2 kms sounds tragic but I was too tired to walk, okay?). Through extremely narrow streets, multiple temples and what looked like secret passages, I reached my 2-days abode. And OMG!

Quaint little town it is.

I admit of being way over-excited to be here ASAP after drooling over it’s uber cool pictures on the internet and thank god it was totally justified. Don’t you see?

I had booked a bed in an air conditioned mixed dormitory for 700 bucks, which by the way was totally worth it. But the check in time is only at 12.00 p.m. But not to worry a thing as the place had a kickass common room and washroom for guests to get fresh and relax till then. So that’s what I did. Look!

I pretty much had already decided to just spend as much time as I can at the beach. Such obsession, I tell you! But then I booked a scooter to ride all the way to Vibhuti falls. Impulsive decisions that I make on road. It was bright, humid but tanning and acne never compromised with me anyway. So to hell with it, I carried on. The road was the ultimate motivation, trust me. Guarded with thick forests, the route was as picturesque as it could get. So much joy!

I couldn’t get my camera into action while I was there. Sorry for that. 

It was almost 4 p.m and I could wait no more. I drove till Kudle beach in the evening and stayed till the sky turned black.

Picture courtesy: The best friend. 

Followed a humble dinner at Ganga cafe. Tiny tip: Do not miss their amazing “Honey-lemon-ginger tea”. Its awesome!


Soon after I return to my abode and the rest of the night was spent on the hammock outside my room. The sea breeze was pleasant and the moon played hide and seek with the clouds. I put my headphones on and began annotating a bollywood oldie. My night was sorted.

Picture is grainy. Feelings are not. 🙂

DAY 2: Awakening early the next morning (3.30 a.m), I slipped on a comfortable dress and went out. In the night light, the sky was  pale black and the surrounding, dead silent. I, along with other fellow travelers, sat on our scooters and drove till Paradise beach in utter darkness, for a little trek and some sunrise stalking.

After 20-30 minutes of climbing, we reached the deserted shore. After the rustling of the night before, all creatures and even the wind seemed in deep sleep. There was just the sound of the waves and it felt nothing but euphoric.   What made this epic was the clear sky. I don’t remember the last time I saw these many stars, this clearly. And we did some glowing phytoplankton chasing in the ocean too.

Meanwhile, I located a huge rock and made it my refuge for the sunrise watching, keeping the waves to my nearest proximity. I sat down and watched the sky change colours. Nature was at her most benevolent.




The next  stop was Om beach. And I did what I had to do. Namaste cafe for breakfast it is. Undoubtedly I rushed to the front table with the perfect view of the ocean.


And what followed next was hours and hours of beach strolling and waves chasing.


I didn’t really feel like doing anything else once I reached back to my room. Rather I just had a simple lunch, picked a book and sat across the common room’s balcony with an endless view of the sea in front.  The sky was a cloudless blue.


All I could think of is how much I wanted a life that this place implied, how much I wanted to come back.  May be that’s why I had things left out. Or may be I just needed my own time to say goodbye.

Till next time then. 


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